About VolMAXX™

VolMAXX™ is the brand name of a suite of volatility related ETFs sponsored by REX Shares. The VolMAXX suite seeks to deliver ETF solutions that provide sophisticated investors with productive investment hedging and trading tools for their portfolios. REX is a sponsor of ETF solutions based in Westport, CT.

The VolMAXX™ Approach

The VolMAXX funds are the first ETFs regulated under the Investment Company Act of 1940 to offer exposure to VIX futures. The funds seek to invest in VIX futures contracts that are near to expiration, subject to overall liquidity and roll cost considerations, and intend to maintain a weighted average time to expiration of less than one month at all times. Although the funds are actively managed, they seek to retain notional exposure to VIX Futures Contracts that is approximately equal to 100% of Fund assets at all times.